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This page’s rhymed oration is a font of information!

He kick your ass.”

“You give Wheelie sass?Hekick your ass.”

The diminutive Wheelie is an Autobot child,

But don’t let your guard down; he can get pretty wild!

He’s oft-underestimated and called hurtful things,
But Wheelie suffers not such cruel arrows and slings!

You see, Wheelie ; it’s simply what he .
Nothing can keep him down. How is that? It’s because
He’s spent years honing his skills on planets not unlike Hell,
Fighting Sharkticons and Quintessons and doing it well.

So despite his tender age and unassuming looks,
Wheelie’s the best survivalist you’ll find on the books!

And yet all that considered, Wheelie’s still just a kid
Prone to pouting and pranking and flipping his lid.
He hangs out with Daniel; they’re kindred spirits and such,
Causing all sorts of trouble with their mischievous touch!

For whatever reason (the origins can vary),
Wheelie rhymes all his speech in a manner quite .
This can drive others crazy, but Wheelie doesn’t care;
He’ll survive all their whining with smugness to spare.
His critics may hate him or even wish he would .
Wheelie’s reaction to them: Here’s death in your eye!

Wheelie say find friends today!



Generation 1 cartoon continuity


It would be me that you all hated!

From early on, it was fated:It would be me that you all hated!

On the planet Quintessa, his ship it did crash,

Wheelie survived, although his vessel turned to ash.

Though friendless and alone, Wheelie kept himself alive,

Because Wheelie was strong and the strong must survive!

One day, the Dinobots came in search of their friends,

So Wheelie offered to help the dinos meet their ends.

With his confident walk and his whimsical talk,

Wheelie earned the respect of the Mighty Grimlock!

Then with the help of Hot Rod and Kup and the rest,

Wheelie returned to Cybertron, most can attest.
The Transformers: The Movie

Wheelie’s involvement in these events, or events mostly similar, were also chronicled in two adaptations featuring the small Transformer!

In 2006, for everything that it’s worth,

He had to bring Metroplex‘s cog down to Earth.
Five Faces of Darkness, Part 1

To accomplish the task, Wheelie formed a duo with Blurr,

But Galvatron stranded them on Io, that evil cur!
Five Faces of Darkness, Part 3

but did Wheelie deserve to fight all these bats?

With beasts big and small I’ve had my spats,but did Wheelie deserve to fight all these bats?

Being attacked by lightpoles, things began to look grim,

But on account of the fact Blurr was faster than him,
Wheelie threw him the cog and ordered him to flee,
To Marissa Faireborn‘s ship and to certain safety.
But the valiant Blurr refused to abandon his friend
And so the pair of heroes fought through to the end.
When Marissa came and helped, the lightpoles got wise,
Targeting her ship and blowing it out of the skies!
Five Faces of Darkness, Part 4

The trio fought on, but their nerves were quite shaken,
Until Sky Lynx showed up to rescue their bacon!
Though the lightpoles were dispatched, the Predacons arrived,
But Sky Lynx was so awesome, he defeated them in stride!
Their foes now driven off, the team reached Earth in time,
Completing their mission in a manner sublime.
With the cog now delivered, Metroplex came alive.

He thrashed Trypticon, and the dino took a dive!
Five Faces of Darkness, Part 5

Later, with Grimlock and Blurr, Wheelie listened to Kup,
As he yammered on and on and refused to shut up.
His rambling was about the Ick-Yaks on Dread,
But when Grimlock mentioned Chaos, Kup lost his head!

When zombie Optimus came under Quintesson control,
Destruction of the Autobots became his primary goal!
He tricked Wheelie and others into a terrible trap
Full of missiles and explosions to turn them to scrap!
But Wheelie survived when Rodimus Prime returned
And left the zombie Optimus behind to be burned.
Dark Awakening

Not long after that, with no assignment or mission,
Wheelie volunteered for a pleasant competition.
But the timestream was getting shaken out of place

And Wheelie got stuck in a neverending race!
Eventually, time and space was restored and repaired,
Freeing Wheelie from his trap (although nobody cared).
Forever Is a Long Time Coming

On Earth Wheelie witnessed crimes that were just plain weird
As a plethora of landmarks up and disappeared!
The Dinobots were suspects, but he didn’t buy the hype,
Because the true culprit was an ethnic stereotype!
Thief in the Night

Yet, Wheelie must complete this rhyme!

Daniel, we are out of time.Yet, Wheelie must complete this rhyme!

In his biggest adventure, Wheelie searched for a way
To deduce the date of Magnus‘s birthday!
He knew finding the truth would be kind of tricky,
So he went and paired up with Daniel Witwicky.

Their search led them straight to a storage asteroid
Being spied on by Cyclonus (how paranoid!).
Cyclonus took them hostage and made his demands,
But Magnus wouldn’t leave them in villainous hands!

When Ultra Magnus arrived, he charged straight at his foe,
But as they joined in battle, little did they know
That Wheelie snuck past them and pressed the self-destruct
Which meant if they lingered their deathbeds would be tucked!

So Cyclonus retreated as the asteroid blew up
And Magnus saved the kids from their monumental screw up!
As it turned out, Magnus didn’t know his own birthday,
So their entire adventure was pointless, anyway.
Surprise Party

With other Autobots, Wheelie found Paradron,
A utopian planet that Sandstorm lived on!
Galvatron tried to take it and make it his base,
But gave up when Ultra Magnus blew up the whole place.
Fight or Flee

On another adventure, Wheelie didn’t do much
But fill out the crowds, lingering around and such.
Grimlock’s New Brain

No jokes have remained.

Our energy was drained.No jokes have remained.

Wheelie was slightly more active in his next major caper,
As Cybertron was being drained of its energy vapor!
Wheelie opened fire at Tornedron (a spider made of light),

But Tornedron drained his life, leaving Wheelie’s body white.

Luckily for Wheelie, Tornedron was defeated
And his life was restored, death successfully cheated!
Call of the Primitives

Wheelie later joined others to deduce a human‘s plot

And when they fought a plagued Superion, Wheelie was shot!
The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 1

He was saved by a Quintesson who tried to work faster,

But when Optimus set out, they replaced him with Blaster!
The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 2

When the time came along for Tommy Kennedy‘s birthday,

Wheelie joined the Autobots to get down and par-!
As Tommy sat atop Powermaster Prime’s right shoulder,
Wheelie wished him good fortune and another year older.
While Tommy received his cake and blew out each candle,
Wheelie got really pumped (it was too much to handle!).
Season 5: Surprise Party

Rodimus vs. Cyclonus

Wheelie’s part in helping Hot Rod and Kup would go on. In the form of a comic with a minor Retcon

Before making it all the way to the Planet of Junk,
Wheelie and friends found themselves in a funk.
Though he was an expert pilot who could get them there fast,
Cyclonus showed up and their fun would not last.
Cyclonus was challenged to battle by Hot Rod (so brave),
But Cyclonus’s power almost banished him to his grave!
Kup then requested help and Wheelie replied
By talking to some friends who he knew were on his side.
To make their ship visible was what Kup had asked,
So Grapple and Warpath Tracks did so… !
When Hot Rod began winning, Cyclonus became a goner
He admitted this act was one without honor.
They at last made it to Junkion and found all their friends.
Now watch the rest of the movie to see how it ends.
Rodimus vs. Cyclonus

Japanese cartoon continuity


(thumbnail) Wheelie could be as snarky as you please!
His words to Chromedome? “It’s too late for apologies!”

Wheelie could be as snarky as you please!His words to Chromedome? “It’s too late for apologies!”

By 2011, Wheelie was too petulant to rhyme,

He blamed everything on Chromedome, like, of the time.

Although a jerk to the core, Wheelie was not all alone,

He hung out with Daniel, and the two were quite danger-prone.

While chilling on Earth, the pair were met with surprise
By the titanic Trypticon with glowing death in his eyes!
The Decepticon gave chase, but Wheelie outsmarted their foe,
Luring him onto a busted bridge, where he slipped and fell below.

They then stowed away on the Trainbots and returned to Cybertron,
To help battle the Decepticons with their (limited) brawn.
Daniel, the wuss, was soon attacked by Tantrum,
So Wheelie had to pound the bull’s head like a drum!
Four Warriors Come out of the Sky

Before leaving with Hot Rod to face matters unpleasant,
Blaster bequeathed to Wheelie a very special present.
It was a mix-tape of music he’d composed on his own,
And Wheelie played it after Blaster died in battle alone.
The Mystery of Planet Master

As Hot Rod searched Earth for the Matrix he’d lost,
Kup told Wheelie to believe in him, no matter the cost.
Wheelie brushed off Kup’s words, thinking them silly,
And was acting all snarky, at least up until he
Was interrupted by Fortress, who had a better attitude,
So he offered to help instead of standing ’round being rude.
Wheelie, however, couldn’t help them one whit,
So he went to an arcade with Daniel to complain about it.
He thought himself far more useful than the adults all around him,
And yet even at video games, proceeded to pound him.
Birth of the Fantastic Double Prime

Next, Blaster’s untimely death sent Wheelie into depression.
“No one cares Blaster’s gone” was his bitter impression.
But Wheelie was wrong; Rodimus Prime cared quite a bit.
He knew Blaster’s death was a mistake and sought to rectify it!
So Blaster was revived as Twincast, much to Wheelie’s elation,
And thus began the Great Cassette Operation!
The Great Cassette Operation

Get your mind out of the gutter.

Wheelie hears what you mutter.Get your mind out of the gutter.

Daniel and Wheelie then stowed away on Fortress‘s battleship
And accompanied the Autobots on their perilous trip
To the Beastformer homeworld, known simply as Beast,
Where the ‘Cons were causing trouble (to say only the least).
Wheelie and Daniel then tried to rescue the Beastformer slaves,
But were imprisoned in the dungeon-like caves!
Luckily for Wheelie, the Headmasters were there.
They drove off all the villains and rescued the pair.
Rebellion on Planet Beast

The meteorite Metamorphose then threatened Autobot space,
By warping anything metal in its magnetic embrace!
Only was safe. Only could defeat it.
Wheelie cheered Daniel on—he was he could beat it!
But Daniel was a crybaby, a big blubbering sack,
So Wheelie chided his buddy and cut him no slack.
Daniel manned up and blew up the rock,
But Wheelie, , continued to mock.
Approach of the Demon Meteorite

The Trainbots later invited both Wheelie and Dan
To come visit their birthplace in far-off Japan.
Soon after arriving, Sixshot made some trouble,
Stirring up the Autobots, who countered on the double!
The Headmasters went searching all over the planet,
While Dan and Wheelie went shopping and…well, ,
The Trainbots shopped them, and Chromedome made a fuss,
Causing Daniel to run away crying. (Jeez, what a .)
Terror! The Six Shadows

Wheelie later observed as the Autobots fought,
To reach Vector Sigma first, for if they could not,
The Decepticons would get there, and then there’d be trouble,
Because they’d use Sigma’s Cybertonuron to turn the Autobots to rubble!

But they were wrong—Scorponok had a more menacing scheme:
To blow up all of Cybertron! How terribly obscene!
The bombs could not be removed, much to Wheelie’s frustration,
Leaving Rodimus to call for the planet’s evacuation.
And so Wheelie was forced to watch his planet go KER-PEW!
Poor little guy…his day kind of .
Rodimus then departed on an outer space quest,
Leaving Arcee to raise Wheelie (or at least do her best).
Cybertron Is in Grave Danger, Part 2

His favorite cereal is .

Wheelie likes to eat, drink and be merry,His favorite cereal is

Crippled with sorrow over Cybertron’s end,
The Autobots threw a party to help their wounds mend.
Wheelie, the hedonist, had too much to drink,

And got drunk and passed out, that little rat-fink!
The Shadow Emperor, Scorponok

Along with Daniel and Spike, Wheelie went to Peru
To prevent the members of the Decepticon crew
From making a volcano blow up sky-high,
Leaving the villagers below to helplessly fry.

As the mountain erupted, they approached in Broadside,
But he couldn’t beat the heat, no matter how hard he tried!
So Wheelie tried once again, this time with the Trainbots,
But the heat drove off too, just like they were lame-bots!
With no options left, they evacuated the town,
Saving the villagers while the magma poured down.
The Dormant Volcano Mysteriously Erupts

On Athenia, Daniel was planting some seeds
And began watering them to tend to their needs.
As Wheelie observed this dull gardening show,
He was shocked when he saw the plant starting to grow!
The plant was a creature from the world of Darhos
That could grow to great heights, turning slimy and gross!

But might Wheelie assist in planting your spice garden?”

“Excuse me, good sir, I’m beggin’ your pardon,But might Wheelie assist in planting your spice garden?”

Wheelie and Daniel called to Spike for some aid.
Spike then looked to Arcee (since she was their maid).
But they could do nothing, and the plant trashed their base,
Luckily, Fortress wiped it out, leaving not even a trace.
Head On!! Fortress Maximus

When Wheelie and Daniel went to Mars on a geological mission,
They found that the red planet was in perilous condition!
Scorponok had planted bombs near the planet’s core,
And once they went off, Mars would then be no more!
Then the pair were attacked by the Terrorcon Rippersnapper,
Who easily abducted the duo of lame whippersnappers!

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Imprisoned deep underground in a series of caves,
Daniel concocted a scheme to trick the foul knaves.
He staged an argument with Wheelie and even a fake brawl,
Which let him secretly send an Autobot distress call!
The Headmasters then arrived and rescued the youths,
But could not find the time bombs. (What terrible sleuths!)
Explosion on Mars!! Maximus Is in Danger

Returned to Athenia, Wheelie looked on in fright,
Praying Fortress would survive his terrible fight!
When they found that their leader had been injured severely,
Wheelie swore to the skies that the Decepticons would pay dearly!
But Wheelie’s swearing and screeching couldn’t stop what was fated;
Mars was blown into bits and Mega Zarak was created.
Explosion on Mars!! MegaZarak Appears

With the threat of Mega Zarak now looming ahead,
Wheelie admitted to Daniel his feelings of dread.
But Daniel wouldn’t hear it; he knew Fortress was stronger,
He’d had enough of Wheelie’s crap, and he’d take it no longer.
So with inhuman strength (and overreacting a bit),
He shoved Wheelie into a lake after throwing a fit.

Before Wheelie could crush him with his mighty robot fist,
A flying saucer zoomed past. (Oh my gawd, aliens exist!)
Daniel thought that the alien might be friend and not foe,
So he tried to use a keyboard to communicate with it and, ,
Daniel was completely wrong—about as wrong as you can .
The alien was . (He was off by more than a bit.)
Humiliated by his actions, Daniel started to weep,
Leaving Wheelie no choice but to soothe the little creep.
Return of the Immortal Emperor

When the planet called Sandra sent an SOS into space,
Asking for Energon cubes to save their dying race,
The Autobots, always kindly, agreed to give them their aid,
And Wheelie and Daniel tagged along to see the delivery made.
Then the Decepticons attacked! But Spike that they would,
And he set up a small cargo ship just so that they could
Slip away in the battle and deliver the cubes.
Wheelie and Daniel laughed out loud at the Decepticon rubes.
And so the cargo was delivered and Sandra was saved!
Wheelie didn’t do much this time, but at least he behaved.
SOS from Planet Sandra

But he wouldn’t touch a in a million years!

Normally, this would bring Wheelie to tears,But he wouldn’t touch ain a million years!

When the Decepticons Apeface and Snapdragon showed up at last,
Brainstorm told Wheelie all about their mysterious past.
He revealed unto Wheelie that they used to be friends,
But when they joined Scorponok, they could not make amends.
Daniel Faces His Biggest Crisis Ever!!

Wheelie and the Autobots then found themselves stuck in a race
To prevent the Decepticons from plundering space.
The planet of Hive was the villains’ first victim,
But they were thwarted when the Autobots arrived to evict ’em.
Fight to the Death on Planet Hive!!

As for the twin planets of Sperity and Toruin,
Galvatron planned to ransack them and bring them to ruin.
As Sperity was attacked for its huge energy stash,
Wheelie was sent to Toruin before he could do anything rash.

And on that barren planet Wheelie made a find:
The people of Sperity had left their old planet behind!
They had taken their energon far away from there,
Which is why Galvatron couldn’t find it anywhere!
Eventually, Galvatron was forced to just call it quits,
And the Autobots left the Speritans to start over in the pits.
Battle for Defense of the False Planet

At , Daniel proved very skilled,
But Wheelie’s reaction to him was a little less thrilled.
So he challenged the kid to shoot an apple that he held up,
But Daniel shot his instead when his aim got fouled up.

A penal colony on Daros was their next landing point,
So they could rescue some war criminals being slaughtered in the joint.
One of the criminals, though, tried to cut Daniel’s neck,
And Wheelie was helpless to stop him, but hey, .
As it turns out, the criminal wasn’t really bad,
And when he let Daniel go, no one got mad.
He gave information that helped them unravel a serious knot
And let them defeat MegaZarak. (Though they hadn’t found his weak spot.)
Find MegaZarak’s Weak Spot!!

This is unsettling on many levels…

So when Wheelie is horny his eyes glow like the Devil’s?This is unsettling onmany levels…

The Decepticons drew them next to the jungle planet Paradise,
Where they were plundering energy and doing things not-so-nice!
So with the Headmasters setting out to solve their enemy’s tests,
Daniel and Wheelie met Papika and her voluptuous… .
Wheelie was smitten quite quickly, and his eyes glowed deep red.
It’s best not to imagine the thoughts that went through head.

After learning to fish, Wheelie tried his best to impress her
By transforming into a car, but his skills proved the lesser
When compared to Papika’s; she could talk to beasts large and small,
Making it clear that Wheelie couldn’t impress her .
Later, the Headmasters won the day, just like they always did,
And Wheelie gave up on Papika. (She was out of your league, kid.)
Head Formation of Friendship

On their travels, the Decepticons proved formidable foes,
Having stolen energy from six planets. Why? .
Approaching Pirate Planet, Wheelie spotted something quite freaky:
An old space pirate ship that was battered, damaged and leaky.
And then an awesome adventure immediately began
Involving pirates! And pyramids! Treasure! Clones! And….
Wheelie sat the whole thing out, letting Daniel have all the fun.
Of all the adventures to miss, he had to skip out on one?
Mystery of the Space Pirate Ship

As Highbrow struggled in vain to crack Scorponok’s secret code,
Daniel and Wheelie tried to help him cross that long, bumpy road.
Unfortunately, their “help” proved far too insufficient,
And they had to start over from scratch (not very efficient).
Then Sixshot attacked and blew Ultra Magnus into bits,
And Wheelie attended his funeral between crying fits.
Ultra Magnus Dies!!

From the Athenia base, Wheelie watched Spike blow his top;
The ‘Cons were ransacking Earth and weren’t going to stop!
They were blaming Chromedome for the team’s lack of success,
But Arcee told them to chill and to give it a rest.
The Emperor of Destruction Vanishes on an Iceberg

He’s a serious douchebag in this cartoon from Japan.

Wheelie likes to blame Chromedome for all that he can.He’s a serious douchebag in this cartoon from Japan.

On a mission to Earth, Chromedome had just one simple job,
To keep Spike from getting killed, but that big robotic knob
Screwed it all up and Spike went into intensive care.
Daniel forgave Chromedome, but Wheelie wouldn’t let it end there.
Chromedome tried to say sorry, but Wheelie said it wasn’t enough.
Even by standards, he was treating Chromedome pretty rough.

As Spike recovered from surgery, Wheelie was then put to work,
Helping to find Mega Zarak’s weakspot for Chromedome (that ).
After tens of minutes of labor, they all figured it out:
The weakspot was on his chest beyond all shadow of a doubt!
I Risk My Life for Earth

With the Decepticons banished from Earth, the Autobots needed aid
In gathering Plasma energy bombs so the humans would not be afraid.
To accomplish this goal, Wheelie offered to call on friends that he knew,
But Daniel laughed in his face! Wheelie was friendless and a , too!

Then much to Daniel’s surprise, Wheelie proved him totally wrong,
When his good “friends” Pointblank, Crosshairs and Sureshot came along!
Those Autobots were great warriors! Daniel was very impressed!
But at being called Wheelie’s “friends” the trio became very distressed.
As it turns out, they his “friends”; Wheelie was an absolute liar!
They were his superior officers! His robo-pants were on fire!
Miraculous Warriors, Targetmasters (Part 1)

With Wheelie’s good “friends” now turned into powerful Targetmasters,
The veterans began insulting the obsolete Headmasters.
In front of Daniel and Wheelie, Pointblank came down on Chromedome,
Who feared the after effects of the disrespect he was shown.
But Daniel and Wheelie didn’t respect Chromedome any less
(If they respected him is, well, guess).
Miraculous Warriors, Targetmasters (Part 2)

Daniel can’t be a Headmaster (in continuity, anyway).

Okay, sure, Wheelie.Daniel can’t be a Headmaster (incontinuity, anyway).

While set down on planet Master, Wheelie became full of himself,
Vowing to become a Headmaster by improving fitness and health.
Daniel rolled his eyes and laughed out loud; Wheelie’s dreams were too silly.
Wheelie told Daniel he could be one; he was too fleshy and frilly.
Very early the next morning, Wheelie snuck outside for a run,
Only to be captured by Sixshot, whose evil scheme had begun!

Sixshot threatened to dip Wheelie in acid if Fortress didn’t agree
To give up the Master Sword‘s secrets and to do it quickly!
Pointblank coldly suggested they just let Wheelie melt and die,
But Daniel and Chromedome disagreed! They’d save the little guy!
Going against orders, the pair snuck inside of Scorponok,
With Daniel using his size to sneak past the energy locks.

They got Wheelie out safely, but alas, their rescue was too late.
Fortress had just handed over his secrets! Well, ain’t that just ?
Furious at the trio for leaving the ship without orders,
He gave them a mop and a bucket and said to wash the quarters.
The Master Sword Is in Danger!!

Thanks to Wheelie’s epic failure, the Decepticons took what they stole
And began construction of the Zarak Shield as their ultimate goal.
As the Headmasters traversed Master to thwart the sinister plan,
Wheelie stood ontop of Battleship Maximus, hanging with Dan.
They were startled by Weirdwolf, who had concocted a plan all his own,
He’d set bombs on the ship and didn’t want their cover to be blown!
Weirdwolf’s plan was a success; the bombs completely ruined the ship
And with his fancy new shield, Zarak prepared to beat on the crip.
The Zarak Shield Turns the Tide

While Raiden and Defensor worked double-time on repairs,
Wheelie and Dan found themselves useless to help with such affairs.
As the grown-ups worked diligently to create tactics and plans,
The kids went to play video games at their elder’s demands.
Operation: Destroy the Decepticons

With the Maximus repaired, the Autobots set off into space
After Mega Zarak whom they had to chase.
In an effort to kill time, Wheelie had his idea yet:
He and Daniel would see what it was like inside a laser turret!
Then the turret was damaged with Daniel still stuck inside,
And jettisoned away from the ship; Wheelie just about .
Daniel made it back (with Sixshot’s help), much to Wheelie’s relief;
If he had caused Daniel’s death, Wheelie would have been crippled with grief!
My Friend Sixshot!

Sixshot may have saved Daniel, but he was still no Autobot friend
And challenged Chromedome to a duel where he’d surely meet his end.
Wheelie, that eavesdropping punk, heard about the whole situation
And ran and told Daniel, who wasn’t keen on the confrontation.
Duel on the Asteroid

Because of that stupid duel, Mega Zarak made it to Earth first,
Once again, it was Chromedome’s fault (that guy is really the ).
Daniel was busy pouting, thinking Sixshot had died in the fight.
Wheelie teased the brat, anyway (never one to pass on a slight).
They eventually reached Earth, but tragedy wasn’t far behind:
Spike’s plane crashed down in the Andes and they were all in a bind!
Wheelie followed his good buddy, who had to rescue his mother,
And Daniel saved the day, yet again! A true hero! ()
The Final Showdown on Earth (Part 1)

Go ahead, Daniel, pull my finger!

Here’s a joke that’s a real zinger.Go ahead, Daniel, pull my finger!

It turned out Scorponok’s master plan involved blowing up the Earth
And gathering up the released energy (which was of tremendous worth).
With friends and justice, the Autobots joined hands in formation
And prevented Scorponok’s insidius detonation!
Mega Zarak destroyed and the Decepticons driven away,
Wheelie and Daniel were left with only goodbyes to say.
Wheelie promised to visit Daniel again when he was older,
And though they were apart, their passions would forever smolder.
The Final Showdown on Earth (Part 2)


but that’s still a punishment lighter than fits the crime.

Wheelie may be drawn as his worst toy of all time,but that’s still a punishment lighter than fits the crime.

Teletraan 15‘s panties were so frilly and white,

But when Wheelie peeked, Teletraan 10 took this as a slight!

10 taught him a lesson with a kick from her high heel
That split open his head and ground his face into meal!
Wheelie Volume

Kup then showed up to give that perv Wheelie a scolding,

And then hugged poor 15, whose spine would need some remolding!
Kup Volume


as long as the ball is also a gun.

Wheelie concedes soccer is pretty fun,as long as the ball is also a gun.

Ten years after his defeat, old Scorponok came back,

So Wheelie joined Fortress and his crew for a counterattack.

His friends shrunk when bad guys made a black hole detonate,

But Wheelie saved himself and some humans from sharing their fate.
Headmaster Chapter Prologue

Wheelie came with the rest to the Legends Universe,

Where he flipped skirts at a soccer game (he’s kind of perverse).

He argued with Shūta that soccer is boring,

But cut it out when the head-mode Megatron came soaring.

The culprit was a Galvatron without a head,

So Wheelie and Shūta took him down without getting dead.

An impressed Wheelie found Shūta’s kick moves exciting,

And admitted that soccer could be just as fun as fighting.
Bonus Edition Vol. 29

comic continuity

In 2010, Galvatron hatched a plan,
To gobble up spaceships as fast as he can!
To accomplish this, he built a mechanical creature
With huge, toothy jaws as its primary feature.

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Then just buy yourself an enormous gun!

Want to compensate for being a tiny one?Then just buy yourself an enormous gun!

The Autobots found out and were quickly deployed,
Vowing not to give up until the beast was destroyed!
Wheelie was among the heroes enlisted to fight,
And helped Rodimus sneak inside the gargantuan blight.
Rodimus blew up the creature with a smartly placed bomb,
And when the Autobots celebrated, Wheelie joined right along.
The Story of Super Robot Lifeforms: The Transformers #1

When planet Feminia and its Prime Energy Tower
Came under attack from Decepticon power,
Wheelie joined the Autobots in defending the thing,
Though their best efforts proved futile against Predaking.

Observing the fight, Wheelie compared it to a game,
Prompting Kup to lash out, calling him stupid and lame!
The Decepticons eventually lost and were driven away,
When the Omnibots arrived to help win the day!
The Story of Super Robot Lifeforms: The Transformers #5

During a battle between Abominus and Computron,
Wheelie mocked and insulted the defeated Terrorcon!
But Wheelie’s cries of joy soon became cries of horror,
When the Terrorcons brainwashed the Technobot warrior!

The Cohesive Control Liquid had seized Computron’s mind
And forced him to join up with the Decepticons’ kind!
Luckily, Spike was there, observing the fight,
And used a special device to turn everything right!
The Great Transformer War #2


You’ll have to admit, it’s pretty weird.

When you have at this frame peered,You’ll have to admit, it’s pretty weird.

Shortly after the defeat of Mega Zarak,
Soundblaster showed up and began to attack!

Wheelie, unprepared, took a kick right to the face.

All can agree he was put in his place!

When Slugfest and Overkill took hostage Carly and Spike,
Daniel went berserk and started to strike!

Sending the Cassette dinosaurs running back home,

Soundblaster was left open to an attack from Chromedome.

As the Autobots left Earth, Wheelie and Daniel said “Goodbye.”

They cuddled and they snuggled and started to cry.
The Headmasters #8

Marvel Comics continuity

Marvel comics

Wheelie does not speak in rhyme!

The Autobots are grateful that this timeWheelie does not speak in rhyme!

If the part’s in italics, don’t look away; it’s merely to show that it’s from the UK.

Judgment Day!

The Final Battle!

Wheelie still can manage a

Though his speech filters through a rhyming prism,Wheelie still can manage a Furmanism

Space Pirates!

In the 1990s, Wheelie wasn’t seen much.
It was possible the Autobot just lacked The Touch.
But he could sure fill a background; yes, that he could do.
He was spotted driving, though no one knows where to.
The Power and the Glory

Marvel coloring books

(No, that’s not what we meant, you perverted primate.)

Wheelie’s battery-powered and knows how to vibrate!(No, that’s not what we meant, you perverted primate.)

While on a fabulous picnic, Kup spun a wild yarn
About lost energon cubes; enough to fill a whole barn!
At Hot Rod’s suggestion, and with Wheelie’s support,
They left to find the lost cubes of the energon sort.
Laserbeak was spying on them and alerted his friends.
Galvatron wanted the cubes for his nefarious ends!

Wheelie joined in a race to be the first ones to find them.
With a little luck, they’d keep their enemies behind them!
They lost to the Decepticons, who got to the cubes first,
But at a glance one would think that the treasure was cursed!
As the Decepticons all fought over who’d get the stash,
Wheelie and the others just laughed and escaped in a flash.
The Lost Treasure of Cybertron

When Hot Rod and Daniel were attacked by Scourge and the Sweeps,
Those wicked Decepticons were playing for keeps!
He fled from the scene to go fetch some reinforcements.
Wheelie moved so fast he could’ve had NASCAR endorsements!
At Autobot City, Ultra Magnus heard the news
And soon those evil Decepticons were singing the blues!
Hot Rod’s Escape

Big Looker storybooks

Well Wheelie’s ten times cooler than are, you sniveling putz!

So you think that Wheelie’s stupid and just hate his guts?Well Wheelie’s ten times cooler thanare, you sniveling putz!

When Wheelie went on a space trip with his mom and his dad,
They crashed down on Quintesson and their ship was damaged quite bad!
Poor Wheelie, so young, lost both of his parents that day,
And now with nowhere to go, he had no choice but to stay.

But the Quintessons, those meanies, didn’t like Wheelie one bit,
So they threw him first in a dungeon, then in a Sharkticon pit!
Wheelie, however, was not to be killed,
As it turns out, in gymnastics, Wheelie was very skilled!
Using the gangplank as a springboard, he made his escape,
Then fled into the jungle to live off the land like an ape!

An undetermined time after that, a spoiled brat named Hot Rod,
Went on a space trip with his homies and, well, isn’t it odd,
They crash-landed on Quintesson just like Wheelie did?
Except none of them died like the parents of kid.

No sooner had they landed, they were menaced by danger;
The Quintessons were attacking, but what’s even ,
Is that Wheelie saved their lives, launching fireballs at the villains,
All the while bustin’ mad rhymes that were krunk, phresh and illin’.

Wheelie then led his new friends to his damaged old spaceship,
And Hot Rod began on repairs so they all could make the trip,
Away from Quintesson and they needed to leave ,
For the Quintessons had returned with some Sharkticon goons!

Hot Rod repaired the spaceship and just in time,
And Wheelie escaped with his friends, his health and his rhymes.
The Story of Wheelie, the Wild Boy of Quintesson

Toy pack-in material

Wheelie fought alongside Rodimus Prime in a battle on a moon base.
Strangely, Hot Rod was also nearby, getting punched in the face.
Decipher the Decepticon

3H comics

but alas poor Wheelie also died!

For Daniel only Arcee cried,but alas poor Wheelie also died!

With Dr. Fujiyama in tow, the Autobots were quite screwed.
It seems a legion of Nightbirds were in a terrible mood!

With Wheelie injured thanks to a shot in the back,

Scar-faced Daniel realized the villains would cut them no slack.

Prepared to die to stop the evil hordes,

Wheelie told Daniel these few final words:

“All through our lives, I’ve been your friend. But now it’s time for this to end.”

With a grenade pin pulled, signalling doom,

Daniel ended their friendship with a massive !

From Nightbird death? We’ll never know!

To what universe does this Wheelie go?From Nightbird death? We’ll never know!

Centuries passed, with Wars both Great and of Beast,

And once again Unicron was prepared to feast!

An alternate Wheelie was poached from his home,

And locked in the Cauldron where no one could roam.

He would fight other Transformers till death, either one;

The loser would feed his spark to hungry Unicron!

Trapped in a cage, Wheelie was doomed to meet his maker,

However, he was saved by Silverbolt and Trailbreaker!

He escaped with the others, through a portal they were hurled,

Towards perhaps his home universe, a return to his world!

Dreamwave continuity

(Let’s hope he’s sterile.)

Wheelie’s gone feral!(Let’s hope he’s sterile.)

You can believe it or not, but just like in Japan,
Wheelie did not rhyme once, much to the joys of many a fan.

Although Shockwave promised peace to one and all,
Wheelie was smart and for that ruse he did not fall.

He joined a team along with Gnaw, his Sharkticon pet.

Together they strove to unveil Shockwave’s evil threat.

Optimus Prime wasted no time in joining their side,

But thought Gnaw was attacking and beat his ugly hide.

Wheelie didn’t take this well and thought Prime a brute,

So in retaliation, he bit the Commander’s boot!
Passive Aggression

Later, once Shockwave’s government was overthrown,
Ultra Magnus planned to set defenses for threats unknown.
Wheelie, Gnaw, and Hot Rod were assigned perimeter guard duty,
A boring task which Hot Rod thought was a bunch of hooey.
The Route of All Evil

Because bad business led to Dreamwave Productions’ bankruptcy.

The following would have happened in issues we will never see Because bad business led to Dreamwave Productions’ bankruptcy.

After paying a visit to Optimus, offline in the repair bay,
Wheelie saw his friends beaten like it was child’s play
By Elita One and her gang of female Autobot enforcers,
A vicious bunch who were following Quintesson orders.
Generation 1 #11

Wheelie was sure he’d be invited to play a role in the Transformers live-action movie.
He was wearing a pair of sunglasses, which made him look pretty groovy.
Lil Formers

2005 IDW continuity

for once again he’s been had!

Wheelie is sad,for once again he’s been had!

All that Wheelie ever wanted was to help one and all,
But the bigger, tougher Autobots thought he was too small.

Then finally, one day, Wheelie at last got his due,

And then radiation malfunctioned his ship—
Spotlight: Wheelie

Wheelie sent out a transmission, hoping someone might help.
Optimus Prime got the call but ignored the little whelp!
Spotlight: Optimus Prime

So since no Autobot cared if Wheelie lived or died,
His ship crashed into a planet and its systems were fried!

The foul creatures of that world towered great heights over him,

And when he tried greeting one, it just tore off his limb!

Wheelie got it back later, so he wasn’t sunk,

But the place where he found it stunk ten times worse than a skunk.

Alas, poor Wheelie had to dig through poop piles in vain.

And after all of , transforming caused him severe pain.

The trail of a crashed ship was what he next embarked upon,

And found that it had been piloted by Decepticons!

An alien was being tortured by Spectro and Spyglass,

So Wheelie swooped in like a superhero and saved the shmuck’s ass.

For that poor guy’s sake, Wheelie had saved him just in time,

So the grateful little guy taught Wheelie how to rhyme!

And Varta (the alien) even had a ship that flew!

To get it up and running, Wheelie’s power source would do.

Together, the friends both prepared to leave the wretched place,

But their dreams were crushed when Spyglass shot Varta in the face!

The Decepticons took the ship and left Wheelie to his doom,

But he surprised all the ‘Cons and made the ship go

In a year, Varta recovered and the pair built a home.

And from then on, his fate Wheelie would no longer bemoan!
Spotlight: Wheelie

From the future, Orion Pax travelled backward through time,
To prevent Bludgeon from committing an insidious crime.
Orion Pax met with Wheelie and the two formed a team,
Intent on thwarting Bludgeon and his whole sinister scheme.

Wheelie’s poor friend Varta was killed in the altercation,
Then Jhiaxus showed up to confuse the situation.
Jhiaxus’s intent was to steal Wheelie’s escape ship,
Before the ‘Bot could use it for his homecoming trip.
Wheelie stalled Monstructor (who was apparently there, too),
With creatures he’d hoped to take home and lock up in a zoo.

(But he’d do them again without regret.)

Wheelie has done things he cannot forget.(But he’d do them again without regret.)

The whole battle proved futile, as time rippled out of sync,
Leaving Wheelie alone (but with plenty of time to think).
Syndromica (2)

But Wheelie would not spend eternity trapped in that place;
He used the ship Jhiaxus wanted to travel through space.
He didn’t make it very far (only just next door),
Where he found himself stranded all by himself, once more.
Time slowly began to take its toll on poor Wheelie’s brain,
So he took up playing music to keep himself sane.

One day Rodimus showed up and Wheelie came to his aid.
They’d known each other once, but Wheelie’s memory was frayed.
Then together with Rodimus and some other guy,
Wheelie stole another ship and bid his prison .
The Stars My Destination

While their trip back to Cybertron was a success,
Years of war had rendered the whole planet a mess.
The only ones there were Sunstreaker and Ironhide,
Who gladly got on Wheelie and Rodimus’s ride.

Cybertron was occupied by Galvatron‘s deadly Sweeps,
And Wheelie had to defend himself against one of the creeps.
The Autobots decided they could waste no more time,
They had to report this invasion to Optimus Prime!
Heart of Darkness #4 Out of the Silent Planet

Their motley crew traveled to the planet of Earth,
Where Wheelie was greeted with a surplus of mirth.
He was reunited with the others at Omega Supreme
Where his comrades finally stopped to listen to him, it would seem.
Orphans of the Helix

When Cyclonus seized control of the Kimia station,
Omega Supreme was first on the list for devastation.
Along with Cliffjumper, Wheelie was assigned as a scout,
But when he sniped a Sweep he gave their position out!
Pinned down by the horde, it looked as if their lives would be gone
Until they were suddenly rescued by the heroic… ?

Things only got worse as the Decepticons began to merge,
Creating the Deceptigod; a most terrible scourge!
Wheelie fell back with the others as the monster did advance
And it destroyed Omega Supreme, who didn’t stand a chance.

Wheelie could do nothing but scramble in the huge creature’s wake,
But luckily Hot Rod was around to make Optimus break
Open the Matrix so its energy could be released.
And with no thanks to Wheelie, the monster’s threat suddenly ceased.

(This stays between us; don’t be snitchin’!)

Underage drinkin’ is hella bitchin’!(This stays between us; don’t be snitchin’!)

With his mind not so well after years of taking flight,
Wheelie sought active duty to keep his brain going right.
So he accompanied Hardhead and Garnak with a smile,
Guarding the sinister Jhiaxus in self-imposed exile!

Writers hate this guy more than that

“Hey, let’s all shit on Wheelie! That sounds like plenty of fun!”Writers hate this guy more than that certain other someone

On Arduria, Wheelie became discombobulated,
When Bludgeon had Jhiaxus fiercely liberated!
In pursuit of Regenesis, the villains immediately fled
To the distant LV system (a place that messed with Wheelie’s head).
Syndromica (1)

He and his friends gave chase through space’s vast infinity,
But found not their quarry but another ‘Con trinity.
It was none other than the trio that have been dead.
And yet somehow they were out piloting a spaceship instead!

Xem thêm :  Các mẫu gương thời trang xe Wave đẹp, cách lắp gương xe Wave

The reason for this soon became known (if not so much )
When they followed them to a place that filled Wheelie with fear.
It was the very same planet where Wheelie had been stranded,
(And the same place where Reflector had gotten his ass handed).
For Shockwave had tampered with this world, long long ago,
And plucked it from the lockstep of time’s regular flow.
Flashes of the past and future collided, !
All in all, it was an adventure most .

Orion Pax went back in time on some ridiculous trip,
And in the end Jhiaxus made away with the ‘Con’s spaceship.
Syndromica (2)

They chased that evil rascal all the way to Gorlam Prime
In the desperate hope that they could possibly stop him in time.
Their investigation led them deep beneath the surface
To an abandoned city that served no obvious purpose.
Wheelie found out the hard way to keep his hand in his pocket,
As a corrosive dissolved his arm right up to its socket.
The city turned out to be a slumbering Titan,
Whom Jhiaxus awoke, primed and ready for fightin’!
With his colossal new pal, Jhiaxus quickly flew the coop,
Leaving Wheelie behind to disintegrate alongside his group.
Gorlam Prime was dissolving, but Orion wasn’t scared:
For just such an occasion, he had an escape ship prepared!
At last understanding Jhiaxus’s convoluted scheme,
One-armed Wheelie set course for Cybertron (along with his team).

The ship tried to escape Gorlam’s gravity well,
But they couldn’t break free! Things didn’t look swell.
The soon saved them, and blasted ahead
All the way home, while Wheelie spoke with Hardhead.
Wheelie said that the Knights were a lie, and he didn’t believe,
But there was no time to argue, because Orion had to leave!
Dark Dawn

Pax left for the Dead Universe, that cold, morbid realm
Wheelie wished him farewell and let Pax take the helm.
Black Metal

While Orion embarked on his perilous trip,
Wheelie and Garnak remained behind on the ship.
Orion, in trouble, asked the pair for a lift,
But Wheelie informed him that there was no more rift!
The former Prime was stranded, he couldn’t get through,
And poor Wheelie had no idea what he could do.
The Becoming

But Wheelie and Garnak hadn’t thrown in the towel!
Though we don’t know how, they met up with Prowl.
The redoubtable trio – plus new friend, Stardrive
Were next to be seen on Regalis V.
Marooned Throttlebots were under some threat
From bad Maximals – but weren’t dead yet!
The Dead Come Home, Part 1

They boarded Prowl’s ship, and all took a seat,
Put it in gear, and made hasty retreat.
The Dead Come Home, Part 2

The crew persevered despite Cybertron’s scouring,
Then helped save the Earth! Pretty empowering!
Road’s EndAssemblyCeremony

pack-in manga

Out you go on the dustbin lid!

When your parents have a new kid,Out you go on the dustbin lid!

As a full-on member of the Minibot team,
Wheelie went on a mission that was more than it seemed.
Following energy signatures, the group of peons
Unearthed a dino-Transformer who’d been buried for eons!

Wheelie wasn’t congratulated for his hard work.
Instead, the confused Dinobot up and went berserk!
Hot Shot intervened and handed the Predacon defeat,
Which was good news for Wheelie, who almost became dead meat.
Henkei! Henkei! volume 11

A bunch of guys mistook ‘Bee for someone named “Wheelie”
As well as some others whom he never was, really.
Bee in the City

Overthrowing the Prez, General Flagg led the Joes
On a mission to Cybertron to engage their foes.
But the big metal planet was in a state of unrest
And Wheelie was snatched by a unit programmed to harvest.
Pax Megatronus

But Wheelie escaped! He’s a tough little guy.
He survived till the end of the war, and that’s why
when Cybertron then passed into Rodimus’s care,
Wheelie was present! Look–he’s right there!
The War Never Ends

marketing material

Wheelie was fast! He felt the need
To challenge Blurr, on the planet of speed.
But Scourge and Crashbash attacked! They had one desire–
To abduct Blurr’s partner Hyperfire! Titans Return: The Power of the Titan Masters

Commercial appearances

While stranded on hostile Quintessa with Hot Rod and Kup,
Wheelie made sure the Sharkticons didn’t gobble them up!
Sharkticon commercial

He later helped his fellow Autobots charge Galvatron,
But when Sixshot joined in, he had to get gone!
Sixshot commercial



In the distant year 2010, things were looking quite bleak:
Shockwave had seized command from Galvatron, that psychotic freak!
Most of the Autobots were now dead, buried and gone
Because Shockwave used the Zel Quartz to destroy Cybertron!

But Wheelie had survived alongside Rodimus Prime
And along with some others, they travelled backward in time
To 2003, before Shockwave had gone totally nuts
And squarely kicked all of the Decepticons’ butts.

And yet it wasn’t who ended up saving the day;
Starscream wound-up thwarting the Decepticons (in his own stupid way).

With Shockwave’s sinister future now erased from the timeline,
Wheelie vanished into nothingness, leaving sparkling starshine.
The Transformers

In the future, the Autobots found Wheelie on Junkion.
He keenly joined up with them, after the end of Unicron.
Magnus brought him to Earth to help the Autobots rebuild,
But when the Insecticons attacked, they were all almost killed!
Junkion Reunion

When Quintessons put Rodimus and Kup on trial
Wheelie helped Grimlock rescue them with a smile.
Mockery of Justice

But I won’t be around for very long!
As the last Transformers game of DeNA,
Transformers: Battle Tactics will be gone in May!

As an Epic character, All my stats are very strong!But I won’t be around for very long!As the last Transformers game of DeNA,Transformers: Battle Tactics will be gone in May!

Wheelie fought several Decepticons, Autobots, and others.
Sometimes he fought with identical brothers!
He first appeared in the event, “Transform and Roll Out!”
Whether he’s easy to build with 50 Wheelie cores, I doubt.
Transformers: Battle Tactics


But he will still look like crap.

You can change him in a snap!But he will still look like crap.

  • Wheelie (Mini Vehicle, 1986)
    • C-80
Wheelie’s transformation does not go very far, he turns into a generic “futuristic car”.
His design is likely based on the , a 50s concept car that also looked like barf.
Surprisingly enough, the fans’ fancy he tickles, as he’s the only new mold of the third-year Mini Vehicles.
This mold was redecoed much later on, into an old friend of Prime’s named Dion.

  • Future Cybertron (Transformers Collection, 2005)
    • TF-20
Wheelie was reissued in a set. Targetmaster Kup and Recoil, you also did get!
This reissue’s different in an unexpected way; where the old face was orange, the new one is gray!


  • Autobot Wheelie (Legends, 2009)
    • G1 Series
Right along with many other Mini Vehicles from Generation 1, Wheelie was released as a “Legends” for pocket-sized fun.
To make the tiny rhyming robot just a little bit neater, he now transforms into, apparently, a “Junk Planet speeder!”[1]
Hasbro was thoughtful, and kept Wheelie well-armed. They sculpted him a slingshot! Enemies be alarmed!
If an evil redeco of this Wheelie toy you lack, Shadow Striker is this Wheelie in black!

Why do they like him so much? Because he doesn’t… talk poetry.

Wheelie’s popular in Japan, but hey, that ain’t a crime.Why do they like him so much? Because he doesn’t… talk poetry.

  • Minibot Spy Team (Multi-pack, 2009)
    • C-19
The same sculpt as the above toy, this Wheelie is not exactly the same boy.
Wheelie has colors more mellow, as over in Japan, he’s light orange-yellow.
He comes packed with two other Minibots totaling three, though Warpath and Adams are most certainly not for free.

With these speakers buffing rhymes with all these phat beats.

Blasting his enemies right off their feet,With these speakers buffing rhymes with all these phat beats.

  • Wheelie (Deluxe Class, 2012)
    • : Two speakers, slingshot/blaster
Wheelie got himself released in , but he remained exclusive to certain locations.
Toys”R”Us and Asia are where he was found, and he isn’t the commonest Transformer around.
Previously thought to be lacking pizazz, Wheelie’s now a retool of Jazz!
He changes from a car with Solstice headlights, to a robot with a new head, ready for some fights.
He’s armed with some speakers standard to the mold. They can clip onto his doors, which never gets old.
Wait up! Hold on! That isn’t all that he’s got: Wheelie’s also armed with his mighty slingshot!
It can serve as a blaster when plugged into his hand, something that play patterns find utterly grand.
His package art has been modified from Jazz’s, too. He’s been given a head and colors, all brand new!
It’s all rather sad, then, that the artists thought they were done, because Wheelie is still depicted holding Jazz’s gun!
This mold was redecoed thrice in its original and unmodified state. Toys of two Steppers and Longarm did it certainly create.
For pretools, Treadshot had utilized the mold’s alternate head. Kick-Over, meanwhile, was retooled with a new head-sculpt, instead.

“But we need another car Kreon” someone had told.

Wheelie complains he is far too old”But we need another car Kreon” someone had told.

  • Autobot Wheelie (Kreon Micro-Changer, 2014)
    • : Collection 2
    • : Logo brick, large rifle
This blind-bagged Wheelie came in the sixth wave, of Micro-Changers for fans to crave.
A Kreon who can be rebuilt into a car, he sports Hound‘s helmet, which has gone very far!
Unlike prior Micro-Changer assortments, there’s no ID code to tell the bags’ contents.
Meaning you’d best be good at feeling parts through the bag, as not getting the toy you want can be kind of a drag.
This assortment was originally slated to be exclusive to Toys”R”Us, but US stores dropped the line, causing much fuss.
It was still available in Canada, Chinese/Asian markets and Australia, which led to ridiculous prices and secondary-market mania.
In 2015, the Collection appeared in the US at Dollar Tree, with a price tag of a whopping $1 a pop, practically free!
Fans sought out these stores in a buying throng, and with very few shipments, they didn’t last long.

I fit tiny men in my belly!

Hey, world, are you jelly?I fit tiny men in my belly!

  • Autobot Wheelie (Legends Class, 2016)
If you keep reading, then you will learn, about Wheelie’s new toy, from –
He’s a Legends class mold now! Who would have guessed? He can carry Titan Masters around in his chest!
They can drive him around, and travel quite far, because Wheelie turns into a sci-fi type car.
It’s a pretty cool toy, but Hasbro forgot, to give him his weapon: that iconic slingshot!
But that isn’t all! He comes with a card, it’s based on his art! (That wasn’t so hard).
Although Wheelie’s packaging and card art shows that his helmet is gray, his actual product’s helmet is unpainted orange (no way!),
Some of his ball-and-socket joints are loose, while his vehicle mode can’t thoroughly peg depending on any copy you choose.
The kneecap panels can be further collapsed down, although this is optional unless you’re fiddling around.
Once Wave One had taken form, Wheelie was the only Legends Class not to shelfwarm!

I come packaged with a little Go Shooter!

Run to order me on your computer,I come packaged with a little Go Shooter!

  • Wheelie & Goshooter (Two-pack, 2016-09-24)
    • LG29
Wheelie was released again by Takara in Japan, with a new paint job meant to be as show-accurate as it can!
And now he is packed with Goshooter: a small Headmaster accessory, which is a redeco of Loudmouth without the vehicle partner (yes sirree!)
Although Goshooter can use any -styled molds to put his Head mode on, he can accommodate with Wheelie’s vehicle mode, which he can actually ride on!


  • Grimlock & Autobot Wheelie (2021)
    • : 86-06
    • : SS-64
    • : May 29, 2021
Packaged with Grimlock, you see, was also a tiny figure of Wheelie!
He can’t transform, or move his elbows and knees, but he can ride on Grim’s back like in



  • Grimlock (ULTIMATES!, 2021)
    • : Wheelie figure, mind transfer helmet, apron, serving tray, 6 drinking glasses, fish, crown, 6 sets of dino forelimb claws
Roses are red
Violets are blue
A non-transforming figurine of Wheelie was included with Grimlock

This item is currently scheduled for release, but is not yet available.



I could’ve had a touch of blue,but Hasbro said “that just won’t do.”

You might’ve confused me with

It sure is a good thing I’m not black and yellow,You might’ve confused me with some other fellow!

  • In the first commercial where Wheelie did appear,
    His voice didn’t sound anywhere near!
    Although Frank Welker did the gig,
    Wheelie’s voice came much deeper, dig?
    In fact—and we’re sure you’ll all agree –
    He sounded like the Smurfs’ pal “Peewee“!
  • In an old catalog, Wheelie’s toy could be seen,
    But when his toy hit the market, its colors changed some time in between.
    And yet this obsolete coloration still lingered around;
    Wheelie bore the same scheme in some comics, savvy readers had found!
  • Among those who dislike Wheelie is Floro Dery,
    The guy who designed him (it’s the truth! Really!).
    Dery’s said that of all his Transformers designs,
    Wheelie’s the one that he most fiercely maligns —
    Maybe even the only one! Honest, it’s true!
    You can read for yourself in this interview![2]
  • In the futuristic/bygone year of 2010,
    A set of Wheelie’s color models were sold by Ron Friedman!
    These bits of history from the Sunbow movie
    Were what you’d describe as totally groovy;
    Showing our hero with a form long-unseen,
    Sporting yellow and black (and it looked pretty keen!).
  • In the Season 3 Italian dub, Wheelie never rhymes.
    Instead, he says “wroom wroom” at totally random times.

because nobody really cared.

Two designs that we were spared,because nobody really cared.

Foreign names

  • Wheelie (ウィーリー )
  • Willy (Omni Productions dub)
  • Tourbillo (Canada)
  • Ugrabot ()
  • Scooter, Saetta ()
  • Wheelie (휠리 )
  • Wiley (Taiwan, 威利 ), Zhuàn Lún (China, 转轮, “Reel”)
  • Rodinhas (Portugal Comic)

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