Review: Honda CR-V (2007 – 2012)

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Active Cruise Control can sometimes refuse to switch on.

One complaint of fault with the interior light delay.

Suggestion that early 2.2i CTDIs had a problem of pulling to the left because an incorrect spring was used in the steering assembly. Certainly not a problem from June 2007 production.

One reader reports of his Honda CRV 2.2 CTDI EX Feb 08: “Excessive oil consumption, steering that wanders with the road’s camber, glove box locked us out, front headrests so loose they bang your head whilst driving, poor quality plastics that show every scratch” (None of this was HJ’s experience over 7 months with an 07 2.2iCTDI EX.)

Another reader reports of his 2.0i-VTEC auto purchased May 2008. Failure of hazard warning switch. Vibration at low speed on tight lock from the front diff, which also causes 4WD to kick in. Loose rattling exhaust pipe. Passenger door interior panel detached from door frame

Very high oil consumption by 2.0i petrol engines (approx 750mls per thousand miles for nine thousand miles). Having denied that this was a problem for many months, Honda has now accepted that there was a manufacturing fault previously only identified in “other Honda models”, and has undertaken to replace cylinder head assemblies when this problem occurs.

On the diesel, yellow oil light can flash even though oil level 90% on dip stick. Apparent software problem. Oil consumption normally nil but can occasionally take a sip for no reason.

Some reports of steering not self-centering with 18″ wheels.

Software fix for headlights not dipping can knock out rear window demister.

2009: complaints of deteriorating and clunky manual gear shift.

Mystery battery leakdowns can be through the starter switch. Can also be though a faulty oil sensor switch.

£4,000.00 Honda branded radio, cd and sd card player and Europe-wide gps navigation system not very robust. Reports of repeated failures not only of originals but of replacement units. Replacements are refurbed failed units, not new.

As with the two previous models of CRV, the oil in the 4WD rear differential dual pump clutch is known to degrade prematurely, well before the recommended replacement interval. Symptoms are a moaning/groaning noise when manoeuvering on full lock. This is easily misdiagnosed as a steering rack problem, which may lead to uneccessary repairs. The solution is to simply replace the dual pump fluid with the latest spec Honda fluid which is called Dual Pump 2 fluid. Dealers sometimes describe this as a “diff flush”.

10-2-2011: One report of a Dual Mass Flywheel failure at 55,000 miles on a 2007 2.2 i-CTDi.

4-6-2011: Reports of airconditioning compressors seizing on petrol automatic engines, throwing off ancillaries belt and costing €1,700 to replace. Recall in Germany, some other EU countries and USA, but not UK. Problem seems to be confined to 2007 – 2009 build, whether in USA, japan or the UK.

12-11-2011: Report of out of date satnav data for Spain, but this is a general complaint because Spanish road data supplied to the digital mappers lags as much as 5 years behind Spain’s road building.

13-11-2011: Report of worn track rod ends.

6-12-2011: On 2011 models the rear seatbelts are designed to tighten to hold child seats in place, but the mechanisms can over-tighten when adult passengers are using the seats.

21-3-2012: Report of cylinder head trouble on 2.0i petrol engine requiring £10,000 of warranty work, paid for by Honda, but leading to other problems.

21-7-2012: Report of squeaking clutch pedal, only curable by fitting a replacement pedal box and clutch master cylinder at a cost of £350.

30-1-2013: Some paintwork and trim issues on late production cars.

8-2-2013: Clutch slip may occur on 2.2 i-CTDI diesels for various reasons. Normal life for a clutch is 80k – 120k miles, vut clutches have been failing in as little as 10k – 30k miles. See: Honda service bulletin (number 1269) tells the dealer to check the cruise control switch before removing the gearbox, and the self adjusting mechanism before removing the clutch assembly. The dealer has to collect information about the clutch and then has to get Honda UK engineers to examine the findings to establish whether the clutch failure is the result of abuse, normal wear, or a manufacturing problem. It is also possible that the clutch wear is caused by a fault with the DMF (dual mass flywheel) that can develop play. Once it is confirmed that the clutch failure is due to a manufacturing defect, then all costs are covered under the standard 3-year warranty. Examples of clutches not covered under warranty are: A badly worn and overheated clutch plate that shows no lining grooves and appears burnt. A badly worn and overheated clutch plate that shows no lining grooves and appears burnt. A completely worn out clutch plate. A completely worn out clutch plate. Honda dealers now have a fixed price cost of £585 for replacement of the clutch only. Clutch friction disc and cover RRP is £194.88 inc VAT + 5 hours labour. A new flywheel retails at £892.63 inc VAT plus an additional 0.2 hours labour. A clutch release bearing retails at £47.06 inc VAT plus an additional 0.3 hours labour.

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24-5-2013: Problem of side lights of 2010 2.2 i-DTEC auto failing to extinguish. Prognosis was that it needed a new ‘MICU’ box (fusebox), but none were available. Eventually one found for delivery on 7-6-2013. Reader also complained of no more than 35mpg however gently driven, even on the motorway.

21-6-2013: Another report of cylinder head problems with the 2.0 i-VTEC at 5 years old. This one of camshaft wear. Quoted £1,200 to replace + VAT.

1-8-2013: Another a/c compressor failure reported, this on a 2008 2.0i auto. (May jusst be the compressor clutch?)

5-8-2013: Front driveshaft failure becoming increasingly common.

15-8-2013: Yet another complaint of a/c compressor failure, this on a 38k mile 2007 reg CR-V 2.0i

16-10-2013: Repeated DPF problems reported on 2012 CR-V 2.2 i-DTEC. Goes into limp home mode every couple of months.

30-11-2013: Series of problems with 2010 CR-V 2.2 i-DTEC auto driven 15k miles a year. In the first week after a long run it failed to start and reader had to call out the AA through “Honda Happiness”. The dealer changed the battery under warranty. On return from holiday in November 2010 it happened again and the AA got the car going. In June 2013 the reader noticed it was sluggish to start and the dealer diagnosed a weak battery, which was changed at the reader’s expense. In October 2013 the engine “check system” warning light came on which was checked by the dealer and apparently there was nothing wrong. On 20th October 2013, as reader was about to depart to the airport and it failed to start. The car was “Green Flagged” to the dealer and reader faced a bill for £318 for running a diagnostic check, removing and checking the solenoid and flushing out the gear box. The bill was predominantly for labour. Reader has always felt there is a software problem.

1-12-2013: Rattling noise from engine on 2007-2009 CR-Vs is probably a failing air-conditining electromagnetic clutch, which Honda has now acknowledged is a common failure and has extended the warranty to cover replacement.

6-1-2014: The 3rd generation CR-V increasingly suffering from the same moisture ingress problem to the rear diff as the Mk 1 and Mk II (see above). It gets in through the breather and drivers first notice a juddering on tight turns as if the rear diff has locked up. Cured by replacement rear diff fluid (“diff flush”) at a cost of around £220.

5-4-2014: Warning light of ‘high boost pressure’ in 2008 Honda CR-V 2.2 i-CTDi turned out to be due to the variable vanes of the turbo sticking in the high boost position, leading to running in ‘limp-home’ mode. Thought to be repairable, but wasn’t and eventually Honda paid for a new turbo.

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11-4-2014: 90k mile 2007 Honda CR-V 2.2 i-CTDi suffered hesitation and loss of power on acceleration accompanied by PGM-FI warning light. First thought to be faulty cam sensor, which was replaced, but problem returned. Eventually traced to fuel pressure limiting valve which was replaced and cured the problem.

27-5-2014: A/c compressor failed on 31k mile 2007/57 CR-V bought from independent dealer 6 weeks previously. Honda dealer diagnosed new compressor at a cost of £1,700, despite the known fault of the failing a/c compressor electromagmetic clutch that Honda acknowledged by extending the warranty on it.

23-9-2014: 2007 Honda CR-V 2.2 i-CTDI not drawing fuel. Suggests failure of fuel tank sender pump, its relay, or the earth to the fuel tank sender pump or its relay.

1-10-2014: Three ruined batteries of 2007 Honda CR-V because of leakdowns explained. ‘Autodata’ shows a known problem with the ECM: Engine oil level warning even though level correct and high current draw of auxiliary heater. Both can be corrected by ECM software upgrades. Also the pink wire of the electric window wiring harness can be trapped by the overhead console and the electric window wiring harness may be incorrectly routed.

25-2-2015: Report of snapped timing chain on 2007 Honda CR-V 2.2iCTDi. This follows another report of a snapped timing chain on an independently serviced 2005 (previous) model CR-V 2.0iVTEC. Could be that the wrong oil was used.

24-4-2015: Parking brake cable failed on 100k mile 2009 CR-V and seats became badly worn.

6-3-2016: Crank pulley of 2007 CRV 2.2iCTDI failed at 89k miles 1 month out of Honda Approved used car wartranty. Quoted cost £332 + VAT + fitting, but bill reduced to £142 including cost of replacing damaged backing plate. Owner impressed.

25-4-2016: Complaint that HFT (Bluetooth) Control Unit in Honda CR-V was faulty and was draining the battery. Quoted over £1,100 to replace so owner simply had it disconnected.

8-5-2016: Report of high pitched noise from engine of 2008 Honda CR-V 2.2iCTDI at 60k miles. Probably turbo bearing suffering from oil starvation due to bearing oil feed / oil return pipe being blocked with carbon.

6-7-2016: Report of 2007 CR-V 2.2iCTDI needing new clutch and DMF at 95,000 miles. Fixed by Mr Clutch, Canterbury, Kent using LUK parts and fresh oil for £990 inc.

14-11-2016: Report of front strut gaiter boots of 2010 CRV frailing at 6 years old.

24-11-2016: Complaint of noise from front brakes of 2011 Honda CR-V in July 2015. Callipers cleaned. Noise continued. Front discs and pads replaced. 8,000 miles later discs and pads needed replacing again due to faulty O/S calliper, but calliper replaced FoC under Honda extended warranty.

24-11-2016: Report of Honda CR-V 2.2iDTEC needing a new DPF at 106,000 miles. Honda dealer quoted £3,000. Yes, £3,000.

1-8-2017: Report of a/c compressor clutch failure on 2008 Honda CR-V

7-8-2017: Report of recently purchased used 2011 Honda Civic 2.2iDTEC repeatedly jumping out of 1st gear. Recommended back to the supplying dealer to fix on pain of rejection under the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

14-8-2017: Report of fumes from EGR cooler of 2011 Honda CR-V 2.2iDTEC at 71,257 miles. EGR pipe needed replacing at cost of £335.75. Ist 3 services Honda; next 3 independent, each at around 12,500 miles.

17-8-2017: Report of engine of 2012 Honda CR-V 2.2iDTEC running uncontrollably until it self destructed in Portugal. Must have been running on its sump oil due to too much diesel being injected into the engine to regenerate the DPF.

3-9-2017: Report of manual transmission of 2009 Honda CR-V 2.2iCTDI “disintegrating on the motorway.”

6-9-2017: Report of failure of a/c compressor clutch on 2008 Honda CR-V. Cost owner £600 for replacment clutch and regas. Apparently Honda has extended the warranty on the compressor from 3 years to 6 years, but it doidn’t help in this case.

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26-9-2017: Reader writes that in 2014 he paid over £600 for the repair of the aircon of his wife’s 2008 CRV. He found various reports that state that in 2012 Honda UK extended the warranty cover on aircon from 3 to 6 years, but my Honda dealer denied this. (See 4-6-2011 above.) He says many people who have had the same fault appear to have had it fixed under this extended warranty. The details of the fix (replacement of compressor clutch and field coil) are precisely what was done to my wife’s car.

18-2-2018: Report of Honda dealer asking owner for £500 to rectify airbag warning light on 2007/57 Honda CR-V 2.0iVTEC EX auto, despite DVSA/Takata airbag recall. Dealer said the fault could be in the ECU rather than the inflator.

(1-4-2018: Report that changing the tyres of a 2011 Honda CR-V 2.2iCDTI from Dunlop Grandtreks to Nexen RU reduced the fuel consumption from 42mpg to 36mpg.)

11-4-2018: Report of injector problems with 2013 Honda CR-V 2.2iDTEC that had been run to only 7,000 iules on supermarket diesel.Engine managewment light on. Cutting out. Suggested switching to Super diesel.

29-8-2018: Report of clutch pedal intermittently sticking in 2007 Honda CR-V 2.2iCDTI. Garage replaced clutch slave cylinder but that did not cure it. See 21-7-2012 above.

31-8-2018: Report that shudder from drivetrain of Honda CR-V can often be due to failing engine or transmission mountings that are reasonably cheap to replace.

3-9-2018: Report of clutch pedal sticking on 2007 Honda CR-V 2.0iVTEC manual. (See 21-7-2012.) Owner touring at the time towing a caravan. Took it to a local garage. Its invoice said “protection boot around clutch slave cylinder torn and allowing ingress of dirt and water. Replaced clutch slave cylinder.” Owner later asked his own regular garage to grease the clutch master cylinder rod and since then has had no problem.

24-10-2018: Squeaking clutch pedal reported on 2001 Honda CR-V 2.2iDTEC. Dealer proposed replacing the clutch master cylinder and pedal box at a cost of £360 to cure it. See 21-7-2012 above.

3-2-2019: Report of 2009 Honda CR-V 2.0iVTEC automatic starting to hesitate massively when attempting to accelerate uphill. Transmission fluid was changed, but probably needs a rear diff fluid change.

13-2-2019: Report of over-revving and subsequent seizure of engine of 2011 Honda CR-V 2.2iDTEC at 84,000 miles due to excessively high sump oil level due to an excess of post-injected diesel in the fuel. Unclear if caused by engine management fault, DPF over-full of soot or ash to actively regenerate, or engine frequently being switched off mid-active regen.

26-7-2019: Report of failure of alternator, aux belt and ‘noisy guide pulleys’ of 2007/57 Honda CR-V at 74,200 miles.

3-9-2019: Report of failure of a/c compressor on 2010 Honda CR-V EX auto at 56,000 miles. Owner quoted a ludicrous £2,100+ to replace it. Referred him to a/c specialists: /faq/air-conditioning/

2-10-2019: Report of clutch and dual mass flywheel of 2011 Honda CR-V 2.2iDTEC failing at 58,000 miles in 2018 and both being replaced at a cost of £1,500. After service this year there is a rattle and shake from under the car on starting and stopping the engine. The car drives well and no sign of any clutch slip. The Dealer listened, had a look and says they think it is a problem with the dual mass flywheel ithat should be checked at a suggested cost of £500, plus the cost of any replacements, just 12,000 miles after they were replaced in 2018.

30-10-2019: Report of squeaky clutch pedal on 2012 (2007-2012 model) Honda CR-V 2.2 diesel at 62k miles. The gearchanges are smooth and no slipping and all gears smooth to engage, so most likely to be the known problem of a fai,ing pedal box. (See 21-7-2012.)

50 complaints recorded since January 2011.

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