Racing Boy Philippines: Racing Boy Racing Boy Motorcycle Accessories, Racing Boy Action Sports Equipments & more for sale in September, 2021

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Racing Boy produces some of the best car and motorcycle accessories in the Philippines, offered at reasonable prices. Some of their best products include rims, dampers, brake clutches, brake levers, and handle grips. Browse the latest Racing Boy car and motorcycle parts or find out more about Racing Boy below.

Racing Boy FAQs: 2020 Guide to Motorcycle Parts Price, Availability, and More!

How much is a motorcycle part in Philippines?

As of 2020, the prices of motorcycle parts from Racing Boy Philippines range from ₱ 230.00 to ₱ 7,999.00. Motorcycle parts are available on leading e-marketplaces in the Philippines like Shopee.

Racing Boy Motorcycle Parts Price List Philippines 2020

Racing Boy Parts



Racing Boy ✅ Rcb Brake/Clutch Master Pump S1 Series Forged Type 14Mm

₱ 4,600.00


RacingBoy Rcb Handle Grip Hg66 Rubber Red

₱ 230.00


Racing Boy 🇹🇭 Full Set Shifter Rider 150 S3 (New)

₱ 5,299.00


RacingBoy M1 Red Bar End “Rcb”

₱ 235.00


Racing Boy Rb Alloy Handle Grip (Ahg66 Red)

₱ 324.00


Racing Boy ✔️ Front Caliper Only Aerox And Sniper 150 Silver

₱ 1,799.00


RacingBoy Kill Switch Red

₱ 685.00


Racing Boy Break Lever E-Series

₱ 1,000.00


Racing Boy Rcb190 Lever Grip #66 Red Rcb

₱ 240.00


RacingBoy Rcb Swing Arm Raider 150

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₱ 7,999.00


What are the parts on a motorcycle?

Parts of a motorcycle such as those from Racing Boy Philippines are designed, manufactured, and assembled to create motorcycles with the desired aesthetics and performance. The key parts of modern motorcycles are as follows.

  • Chassis – frame, suspensions, and front fork

  • Engine

  • Transmission

  • Final drive/chain lubrication

  • Wheels

  • Tyres

  • Brakes (disc/drum)

  • Instruments – speedometer, odometer, and tachometer.

Racing Boy Philippines: How to Choose the Right Vehicle Parts and Accessories

When it comes to vehicle parts and accessories, the most expensive ones are not always the best. You can find the right ones if you know which specifications to look out for. Here are some tips on how to get the right products from Racing Boy Philippines.


If you want to accessorize your car, you might want to start first with the rims. When choosing new rims for your car, go for ones that are from original manufacturers. While these are costly compared to replicas, they are not as durable as the original ones. You can also pick one from trusted rim manufacturers like Racing Boy Philippines, as their rims meet quality standards. With Racing Boy rims, there’s a much better chance that you won’t have to deal with shattered or dented wheels.

Another thing you need to consider is picking the right wheel size. You might be tempted to make your wheels look larger by picking a large rim but bear in mind that bigger rims mean compromises when it comes to safety and comfort. If you select a rim that is larger than the original rim size of your car, it’s important to maintain your original wheel’s circumference by opting for a thinner tire.


Dampers absorb shocks that are generated when a vehicle hits bumps on the road. If your dampers need replacing, be sure to replace them in pairs to avoid an imbalance in damping performance. Also, you should not scrimp on dampers, as they are essential car components for turning and braking. Reputable manufacturers like Racing Boy Philippines offer dampers that deliver high-quality performance and durability.

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Brake pad

If you see your brake pads wearing out, it is important to have them replaced right away. Racing Boy Philippines has brake pads that are made of soft material that complements your vehicle’s tough backing plate. You might want to go for these brake pads since they are longer lasting than other brands.

Apart from the soft material, it’s also important to consider your driving requirements. These include the bumpiness of the place you live in, climate, traffic patterns, your tolerance to brake squeals, and much more.

Another thing you should take into account before choosing a brake pad is the type of material. Brake pads may be fully metallic, semi-metallic, organic, or ceramic. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of each.

  • Fully-metallic

    – Brake pads of this material offer impressive braking in virtually any condition. However, they wear the car’s drums faster.

  • Semi-metallic

    – This is composed of soft metals that are incorporated into the friction material. Its braking performance isn’t on par with a fully-metallic brake pad, but its rotors do not wear out as fast. If you are looking for good brake pads for all-around driving, then Racing Boy semi-metallic brake pads can get the job done.

  • Organic

    – While their braking performance isn’t as good as metallic brake pads, organic brake pads are better at preserving other brake parts.

  • Ceramic

    – This is the most expensive type of material for brake pads, but they provide the best warranty and longest lifespan. They can also withstand extreme temperatures without losing braking performance when wet.

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Brake Hoses

Brake hoses or brake lines hold brake fluid between the brake calipers and the master cylinder. The pressure exerted by the brake fluid stirs the components and presses them against the drums, resulting in the tires to stop.

If you are in the market for a new brake hose, here are some things you need to keep in mind:

  • Reputation

    – Be sure to avoid cheap imitations, as they have low quality and won’t last long. It’s best to get brake hoses from trusted third-party manufacturers like Racing Boy Philippines.

  • Warranty

    – Always check the brake hoses’ warranty. It may either be a number of years or a mileage limit.

  • Dry-rot

    – This is caused by abrasive chemicals, direct sunlight, extremely high and low temperatures, and much more. To protect your brake hoses, you need to ensure that they are not exposed to these conditions or buy dry-rot-resistant ones which you can find at Racing Boy Philippines.

  • Corrosion-free

    – Brake hoses should also be corrosion-free to ensure that there will be no leakage.


This may be heated, padded, or have massaging capabilities. Before choosing a footrest from Racing Boy, make sure to meet these following specifications:

  • Choose a height-adjustable footrest that is 11 to 18 inches.

  • The footrest should have at least 7 inches thigh clearance from the seat pan to the work surface.

  • Select a footrest that you can adjust through foot pedals. With that, there’s no need for you to bend over when altering the footrest to your preferred position.

Aside from vehicle parts and accessories, check out these motorcycle tyres and motorcycle lubricants.

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