Pros & Cons of Living in Dubai Sports City

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Home to the iconic ICC cricket stadium and a plethora of reasonably priced residential units, Dubai Sports City presents a unique living experience. Today we are taking a look at what it’s actually like to live in this residential area in Dubai and explore the many benefits you will get to enjoy if you are living here. We also highlight a few things you need to consider before moving to this charming residential community. Read on to know all about the pros and cons of living in Dubai Sports City.


The Dubai Sports City area offers residences that suit all kinds of lifestyles. Those looking to move to Dubai Sports City have the choice of renting or buying apartments and villas.

There are various buildings in Dubai Sports City where you can live in modern, stylish apartments. The most popular ones include Elite Sports Residence, Royal Residence and Olympic Park. However, if you’re interested to buy villas, you can consider the most popular communities of Victoria Heights and Bloomingdales in Dubai Sports City.

Along with the wide-ranging property types, the area also offers other advantages for residents. Let’s take a closer look at them.


One of the major benefits of moving to Dubai Sports City is that it is centrally located and can be easily accessed by two of the city’s major highways – Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Khail Road. It is located 15 to 20 minutes away from Dubai Media City and Internet City, making it easy for residents who work close to these commercial hubs. Residents looking for quick weekend plans also have the option to head down to Dubai Marina, one of Dubai’s top leisure hubs located within just a 15-minute drive. 

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buildings in Dubai Sports CityThe apartments in Dubai Sports City are available at affordable rents

Whether you are a family of four or a singleton looking to rent or purchase property in Dubai, Dubai Sports City offers a wide choice of residential units at affordable prices for everyone. The rent of apartments in Dubai Sports City starts from as low as AED 20k. If you want to buy your own unit, the sales price of flats in Dubai Sports City generally ranges between AED 250k and AED 2M as per Bayut’s current listings.

Those who are more inclined towards villas can find 3, 4 and 5-bedroom villas in Dubai Sports City. The price of villas in Dubai Sports City starts at AED 1.9M. Those looking to rent houses in Dubai Sports City can find excellent family units for as low as AED 150k.


Dubai Sports City football pitchesDubai Sports City has everything for living an active lifestyle

Just as the name suggests, Dubai Sports City is the ideal place to live in if you are a sports fanatic. It is home to the ICC Academy which is an internationally recognised cricket academy. It is also home to the International Cricket Stadium, which is frequently used by international cricket teams as training grounds. In addition to these amazing options, there are many other sports facilities in Dubai Sports City for sports enthusiasts.

Apart from sports facilities, this residential development also has some of the best fitness centres including the massive FitRepublik. One of the most popular gyms in Dubai – Fitness First – is located in Motor City, the neighbouring community of Dubai Sports City. With easy access to all these sporting entities, Dubai Sports City is perfect for those who enjoy an active and fitness-focused lifestyle. 

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Victory Heights Primary School in Dubai Sports CityThe Victory Heights Primary School is located in Dubai Sports City

Parents will enjoy life at Dubai Sports City, as there are a few good schools and nurseries located in the vicinity, that offer a range of different curricula from around the world. The schools in Dubai Sports City include the Victory Heights Primary School and GEMS United School, perfect for the older kids. As for the little ones, parents have the option of The Wonder Years Nursery. 


Dubai Sports City also offers access to various popular malls in Dubai. Malls such as City Centre Me’aisem and First Avenue Mall are located five to ten minutes away from Dubai Sports City. For those inclined to explore and indulge in fun-filled activities at the malls, top shopping centres such as Mall of the Emirates and Dubai Marina Mall are also located within a short 15-minute drive.


Although the area is mostly known for sports options, foodies will be happy to know there are also various chic, contemporary restaurants in the community. You can head on over to Nathalie’s, Pulcinella Restaurant and Jack’s Plaice and Poke Poke to enjoy delicious treats in Dubai Sports City!


views from apartment in Dubai Sports CityIf you are moving to the Dubai Sports City apartments, you may get to see views like this from your home

One of the major benefits of living in Dubai Sports City is that it has a lot of residential buildings that offer beautiful views. Residents can bask in the lush green landscaping of the Els Club Golf Course or, the serene waters of the canal – a beautiful addition to Dubai Sports City.


While there are many obvious pros of living in Dubai Sports City, it’s also important to look at the cons of life in this popular residential neighbourhood in Dubai.

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Buildings in Dubai Sports CityThe area, for the most part, is ready, however, you will find a lot of construction happening around the area


One of the first things that you should know about, before moving to Dubai Sports City is that there is a lot of construction happening around the area, due to which you may experience some difficulty in navigating around.


If you are moving to Dubai Sports City, having a car is a must as there aren’t any metro stations nearby. There are, however, public buses available between Sports City and the Mall of the Emirates metro station, so if you ever need to use public transportation to travel, this option is available


  • Affordable rents
  • Great for people who live an active lifestyle as there are lots of sports pitches and gyms nearby
  • Close to Dubai’s popular residential and commercial destinations
  • Family-friendly due to the presence of schools and nurseries 
  • Unique views from the residential buildings
  • Ongoing construction 
  • No metro access 

That brings us to an end to this round-up of the pros and cons of living in Dubai Sports City. While there are a few things to consider, this residential location has so much to offer. Don’t believe us? Check out this review on Dubai Sports City by one of its residents, Safiyya Mansoor.

Now that you know all about life in Dubai Sports City, how likely are you to move to this neighbourhood? Let us know in comments and stay tuned to the MyBayut for more information about other popular developments in the city. 

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